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Our society is depending on people who are willing to „help out“ or „lending a hand“. To volunteer means to give away your most precious gift - your time- and dedicate it to a cause you care about, simply because you want to and without expecting payment in return.

The rewards, however, are endless: make new friends, learn new skills and practice those you have, build your confidence, improve your career prospects, get references and play a part in your community.

As a volunteer with iCreate Africa, you can choose from many different opportunities:


be a virtual volunteer and join our media team to share our great content on social media, comment, and make more people understand the value and power of skills.

Skill Competitions

Join one of the various departments and be part of the no.1 Skill Competition in Africa.

Skill Hub

Facility management, Customer Service, IT support, Administration. There are a lot of areas to choose from.

Community/School Projects

We care about the communities we live and work in and need to expand our reach. With your help, we can have bigger campaigns and reach more places.
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Partnership and Sponsorship network

Our work not only impacts the lives and futures of the youth we serve but because of their success stories, our community benefits economically and socially.

You want to join us investing in Africa‘s skill eco system?


Be part of Africa’s biggest Technical Skill Competition.

Maximize brand visibility and network with international organizations, investors, government officials, TVET experts and professionals and a pool of skilled youths.
Enhance your relationship with strategic stakeholders through direct marketing and customer interaction.
Raise your CSR profile as a leading organization in your sector with a commitment to youth empowerment and skills acquisition.
Shape the dialogue by sharing your organization’s experience, expertise and good practices in the TVET sector.
Advertise career opportunities and recruit the best young technical talent right at the spot.
Be a pacesetter for curbing youth unemployment in Africa.

Partner’s feedback

“I congratulate the whole team for the wonderful delivery of the iCreate Skills Festival 2018 and for having made us a part of it! We were really impressed with the quality of the event and the great
delivery. We are truly looking forward to next year’s session.“

Mrs. Ana Vihambres
Mrs. Ana Vihambres

“We are looking forward to working together with the contestants to project them on the mainstream as we have a mission to speak to the millions of African youth. A career in the technical fields is a respectable living and something we support.”

MD Trace Anglophone West Africa
MD Trace Anglophone West Africa

“The iCreate Skill Fest 2018 hits our purpose at Bosch of inventing lives and making lives easier. I see a lot of excitement; young dynamic people are trying to drive things forward and that’s why we are glad to partner for good things to come out of this.”

Mr. Frank Diermann
Mr. Frank Diermann

“I like to express our gratitude to iCreate Skills Fest for the single purpose of encouraging the youth and develop their skills. We are here to promote skills and to encourage those in the construction building sector to properly harness their skills in a professional manner using professional tools and equipment to give the best quality of workmanship.”

Arc. Ikenna Chukwueke
Arc. Ikenna Chukwueke

“It was a pleasure partnering with iCreate Africa on the iCreate skills festival 2018. The event was a positive way of showcasing technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Nigeria, especially in construction, ICT and creative industries sectors.”

Hans-Ludwig Bruns
Hans-Ludwig Bruns

“iCreate for me is where you get people to dig in, find their own true skill and we now then have to enable them to be more successful in it, earn a decent living and get them skilled up. For us at Sterling Bank, I do not think that there is anything that we have sponsored this year that is closer to my heart.”

Abubakar Suleiman
Abubakar Suleiman
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